Participants need to buy tickets on spot or online if available or sold for the particular event. Cross verification of thetickets if bought online.They need to sign the Forcefudge Events and Entertainments Pvt Ltd Liability Waiver form. Participants need to remove their shoes, bags, mobiles and all accessories and keep it at the baggage/shoe counter. Cross verification of the tickets and waiver will be done.
For participants with age 18 years above, should sign the waiver individually and complete registration to participate/play the inflatable. For Participants with age 14 - 18 years - Parents / Guardians should sign the waiver on behalf of the participants. If Parents / Guardians not available, they can take solo responsible and sign the waiver and complete the registration to participate/play the inflatable. For participants with age 10 - 14 years they need to be accompanied with their Parent / Guardian during the play. Accompanied Parent / Guardian should also buy the ticket and registration required for the Parent / Guardian along with the children. Kids Below 10 Years are strictly not allowed to play, It’s for your safety only.
Yes, all players must register.
We do not allow transfers between events. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions
Yes, you can buy the ticket online if online ticket option is available for that event.
Yes, you can. Tickets can be purchased at the venue based on availability.
Please follow up with online ticketing support team regarding any ticketing issues.
30 - 45 min before your time slot based on your online ticket. This gives you time to register and drop your bag off at the Bag Drop tent. We are not responsible for your belongings at the event.
We do not issue refunds under any circumstances
There are no changing rooms. It is advised to the participants to arrive at the event ready to take part. You will be able to leave your shoes and bags with our check-in staff.
Events will be planned and held considering all the weather factors, in case of Rain or other “severe” weather conditions, your time slot for the obstacle run will be delayed until the weather clears. If the weather is bad throughout the day, the obstacle run will be cancelled all together. In such situations, there will be No Refunds of entry fees. Each participant must accept any such risk of their entry fee. We promise to make every effort to produce a fair, safe and exciting event. Any decision made to go forth with the event is contingent on the overall event and course safety. It is made in collectively with local risk management, police, fire & rescue, medical personnel as appropriate. We reserve the right to withhold any obstacles to maintain a safe course for all players. Please co-operate.
Obstacle Runners are required to accept the Terms and Condition stated in the Forcefudge Events and Entertainments Liability Waiver and share us the signed copy of the waiver. This is done during the registration process before playing the obstacle trail.